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Oxer To Oxer is a fledgling show jumping, dressage and eventing simulated horse game that is currently in open beta. The game launched December 8th, 2019 and was already at 20 members by the following day!

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Current Game Stats:
Number of Members:465
Members Active in Last Week:0
Number of Active Horses:533
Number of Forum Posts:142

Player Review

Just wanted to say that I love this game for so many different reasons! It fosters a very friendly environment which I think is important for stress free game-play, is very well run and you can trust that all the mechanisms such as breeding and genetics are 100% accurate to real life as this game is created by a real vet! It is super realistic and fun to play, and most updates are implemented faster and in more simplistic, easy-to-understand ways than other horse games I have played!
- EquineVetGal #12

About The Game:

Oxer to Oxer is meant to replicate Warmblood and sport horse breeding in the real world.

Horses are randomly generated from our pool of foundation parents. They have a vast array of genes that make them who they are, and affects how well they will do in breeding and sport competitions! Horses also have 12 stats that affect their performance in sporting events that can be improved through our intricate training system.

Sport Competitions
We offer competitions that are procedurally generated for variety in dressage, eventing and jumping, all with realistic scoring. Competitions are held every two hours, and horses are able to enter up to four times a day. All the competition types have 9 levels, ranging from very beginner levels all the way to the upper echelons! Lots of prize money to be won.

Breeding Competitions
Running every 2 hours is a breeding competition, where you can see how your horse compares conformationally to its peers within its sex, within its breed and across the whole game! These shows also offer prize money to the best of the best.

Reflecting real warmblood breeding, all of the studbooks in the game are open. So you can breed to any horse in the game, regardless of what registry it may fall under! Not only does this add diversity to breeding and bloodlines, but it also helps encourage collaboration in the community. Registries also host inspections, so you can determine whether or not you have a horse worthy of bragging about!

And More??
Wyndy is always coming up with ideas for the game, so keep a close eye on the game as it expands!

About Wyndy:

Oxer to Oxer is completely coded and developed by one person! In between her busy life schedule and school, Wyndy finds the time to continue making progress on the game. She has been working on OTO since 2013!