Terms of Service

Oxer to Oxer is an online horse simulation game. By using the Oxer to Oxer website, you agree to the following terms of service. Any deviations from the TOS are only permitted if they have been accepted in writing by Tazzmedia Designs. These TOS were last modified on January 15th, 2019.

Intellectual Property

Oxer to Oxer, all accompanying code and all information and images (hosted by the website) are the intellectual property of Tazzmedia Designs unless otherwise stated in the credits. They may not be reproduced without explicit permission from Tazzmedia Designs.

Users may post their own graphics or images on the website. Oxer to Oxer and Tazzmedia Designs will make every effort to ensure images posted by its users do not violate copyright. However, any violations lie with the user in question, not Oxer to Oxer or Tazzmedia Designs.


Passwords must be kept confidential. Anything that happens on your account is your responsibility. If your account has been compromised, alert Wyndy immediately.

Oxer to Oxer tracks login times, current IP address and in some instances, email addresses. You give permission for this data collection for use for game purpsoses. This information will not be distributed unless required legally. Refer to the privacy policy for more information.

Having multiple accounts per IP address is not permitted. Users caught with multiple accounts will be given a warning, and if the behaviour continues, will be banned.

Please act in a kind and professional manner at all times. Users who are bullying others, using abusive language, etc will be subject to IP bans if deemed necessary by game management.

Accounts are subject to deletion if they have been inactive for greater than 12 months. Oxer to Oxer and Tazzmedia Designs are not liable for any losses that occur during account deletion. If you intend to return to the game after a 12 month break, please let Wyndy know prior to your departure.

Users will first be warned when they have contradicted a TOS item. If the action is not corrected, users may be banned and therefore will forfeit any items, horses, currencies, etc. associated with their account(s) with no refunds in the case of Apples. Any decision of the game management is final.

Payment and Currencies

All Apple sales are final and non-refundable.

Oxer to Oxer reserves the right to change the pricing model for Apples at any time. This also applies to pricing of in-game items that can be purchased with Apples. Apple sales are mediated through PayPal.

If your Apple delivery following payment is incorrect, please contact Wyndy immediately so it can be rectified. If Apples are delivered incorrectly to your account, they can be removed at any time.

Apples will be deleted upon closure or banning of your account are not recoverable.


Oxer to Oxer and Tazzmedia Designs are not liable for any losses of game associated items, account data, Apples or other monetary contributions, etc. regardless of the circumstances.
We will do our best to mitigate these losses if possible, however it is not a guarantee.

Oxer to Oxer and Tazzmedia Designs are not liable for any losses of currency, items, account data, etc due to violation of the Terms of Service or abuse of the game.

Oxer To Oxer and Tazzmedia Designs are not responsible for any loss of account-related data caused by technical issues. We will do our best to mitigate any loss of account data and correct it when possible. Compensation may be offered if deemed necessary by the game management, however it is not guaranteed.

In the case of technical issues with the website or server, Oxer To Oxer reserves the right to take the game offline or into maintenance mode if needed, with no refunds of any currencies that were affected by the game closure. There is no guarantee that the game will be available or bug-free. Game management will endeavour to let users know in advance about scheduled maintenance, however this is not guaranteed.

Oxer to Oxer and Tazzmedia Designs are not held responsible for the actions of other users on the website. Any grievances with another user should be reported promptly by contacting Wyndy directly.

Oxer To Oxer is under active development, as such, some features or functions may not work as intended during updating. If this affects your gameplay, please let Wyndy know immediately so it can be rectified. If a change to the website will affect your account and associated data, every effort will be made to ensure that you are aware of the changes ahead of time.

Agreement Duration

Your agreement to these Terms of Service begins when you first register for the game, and continues indefinitely. The contract is only terminated when your account is deleted. You can contact Wyndy to have your account deleted.