There are many, many colors of horses available in Oxer to Oxer! Collect them all, or try to design your favorite. All the colors follow realistic genetic inheritance, which you can read about on each color group's page.

Color Groups

All of the colors available fall into one of four color groups: Red, Agouti, Black or Grey.

Pattern Groups

Patterns can go on top of any of the base colours, for an added pop!

Non-Testable Modifiers

These genes can make colors look different, whether it's darkening the back, or adding some spots! However, their genetic inheritance has not been described, so they cannot be tested for.

Base Color Quick Reference Chart

An asterisk (*) indicates that either a dominant or recessive gene can be present, with the same result.

E/* a/aE/* A/*e/e A/*
e/e a/a
Smoky BlackBuckskinPalomino
E/* a/a Cr/crE/* A/* Cr/cre/e A/* Cr/cr
e/e a/a Cr/cr
Smoky CreamPerlinoCremello
E/* a/a Cr/CrE/* A/* Cr/Cre/e A/* Cr/Cr
e/e a/a Cr/Cr
GrulloBay DunRed Dun
E/* a/a D/*E/* A/* D/*e/e A/* D/*
e/e a/a D/*
Silver BlackSilver Bay-
E/* a/a Z/*E/* A/* Z/*-
Classic ChampagneAmber ChampagneGold Champagne
E/* a/a Ch/*E/* A/* Ch/*e/e A/* Ch/*
e/e a/a Ch/*