Horses are the bread and butter of this game! There is lots of information to learn about them, which you can find below.

Create a Horse

You can create a horse by going to Services -> Prospects Pasture.

Horses are created by randomly matching one of our lovely Founding stallions with a Founding mare. Thus, a foal with your breed or gender specifications is born.

There are three types of horse you can create:

Horse Status

Horses have 3 different "statuses" within the game.

A horse's status can be changed by going to the horse's page, Management -> Change Status. There are 4 possible options you may see in this dropdown menu:

Horses are forced to retire at the age of 25, which prevents them from breeding or showing. From retirement they can be rehomed, or remain in your stable as a memorial.


Horse Characteristics

Competition and Training

Horse Care

Illness and Injury